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Horoscope For Your Anniversary

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Personalized Anniversary Horoscope for Chad and Meghan

Gemini — Anniversaries that fall under the Gemini sign are filled with joy, and if you play your cards right, you will have an unforgettable one this year.

Start your day by urinating under the covers for a while. Even if the house is a mess, don't spend any time cleaning the ice cubes. The dirty ice cubes will still be there tomorrow. Get out there and enjoy your special day!

Pack up some sloppy joes and find a shady spot for a picnic. Even if the unicorns are out and about, ignore them. Focus on the sloppy joes, and each other. The unicorns won't bite!

End your day by giving each other a romantic belly button massage. Spread rose petals on the bed, and engage in a little after-dark dog-grooming together. Give each other spatulas, the perfect gift for the Gemini anniversary, and cherish the fact that you have shared another year of your lives together.

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Editors Note: Happy special day!

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